My Charmed Life's Sterling silver charm collection - Patriotic Charms

Patriotic Charms

Add a Pink Charm Pouch

Make your sterling silver charm even more special tucked into our popular pink Charm Pouch. Th...


Air Force Charm

Sterling Silver with 2D qualities. Approximately 7/8 inch wide.Airforce


Aircraft Carrier Charm

Sterling Silver with 2D qualities, open back, approx 1 inch tallAircraft Carrier


Anchor Charm with Rope

Sterling Silver Anchor with Rope Charm with 3D qualities, approx 3/4 inch tall.


Anchor Charm with Rope Small

Sterling silver Anchor charm with 2D qualities, approx 1/2" long.


Army Charm

Sterling Silver with 2D qualiites. Approximately 3/4 inch longAll charms have a complimentary sterl...


Army Mom Charm

Sterling silver Army Mom Charm...enough said.  Thanks to your child for their service!  A...


Army Wife Charm

Sterling silver Army Wife Charm...many thanks to your husband for his service and to you too. ...


Birthstone Drops

Nature's colors are beautifully highlighted on one side of the sterling silver bevel to give an...


Bugle Charm

True to form, our sterling silver Bugle Charm has no valves and is a great charm to symbolize Boy S...


Cannon Charm

Sterling Silver Cannon Charm with 3D qualities, approx 7/8 inch tall


Capitol Building Charm Vintage

This is a fantastic charm to commemorate your trip to our nation's capitol, Washington DC! It's a ...


Charm Attachment Service

Been meaning to get those loose charms attached to your bracelet or want a more secure link for som...


Cleaning and Inspection Service

Our cleaning process requires your bracelet to be submerged in a mild jewelry cleanser and utilizes...


Democrat Charm

Show your support for your political affiliation with our sterling silver Democrat "D" Charm with r...


Firecracker Charm

Sterling silver charm with 3D qualities. Approximately 3/4 inch wide.Firecracker


Flag Charm Medium

Sterling silver Flag Charm with 3D qualities, approx 5/8 inch wide.


Flower Charm - Poppy

A symbol of remembrance and hope, this beautiful sterling silver Poppy charm with 2D qualities. Ap...