My Charmed Life's Sterling silver charm collection - Favorite Charms

Patiana's Favorite Charms

Add a Pink Charm Pouch

Make your sterling silver charm even more special tucked into our popular pink Charm Pouch. Th...


Airplane Charm

Sterling Silver Airplane charm with 3D qualities, approx 1 inch long.


Angel Charm with Blue Enamel

Sterling silver Angel charm with blue enamel, approximately 3/4 inch tall.


Archery Charm

Sterling Silver Archery charm - approximately 5/8" long. with 3D qualities.


Artist Palette Charm with Enamel

This enameled artist palette makes your colors come to life! Fabulous sterling silver Artist Palett...


Baby Footprint Charm

Look at the amazing detail on this Baby Footprint sterling silver disk charm! You'll melt any Mom's...


Baby Shoes Charm

Sterling silver Baby Shoes charm with 3D qualities. There are two individual baby shoes attached to...


Ballerina Charm

Sterling Silver Ballerina Charm with 3D qualities, approx 1 inch tall. A fantastic addition to you...


Bangle - Crossover Cuff Style

Sterling Silver Crossover Bangle - Balls on end unscrew to allow charms to be added.


Baseball Charm - bat, cap and ball

Sterling Silver Baseball charm featuring Bats crossed with baseball hat and ball.  Charm has&n...


Bee Charm

Word in the flower patch is this is the bee's knees of CUTEness! Sterling silver Bee charm with 3D...


Big Ben Charm

Sterling Silver Big Ben Charm with 3D qualities, approx 3/4 inch tall.


Big Sister Charm - Script

Sterling silver Big Sister in Script charm with 2D qualities. Approximately 5/8 inch wide.


Birthstone Drops

Nature's colors are beautifully highlighted on one side of the sterling silver bevel to give an...


Bookworm Charm

Sterling Silver Bookworm Charm with 3D qualities. Approximately 5/8 inch tall.


Boy Charm - Tall

Sterling Silver Tall Boy Charm with 2D qualities. Approximately 5/8 inch tall.All charms have a com...


Butterfly Charm Round Wings

Sterling Silver Butterfly Charm with Round Wings with 2D qualities (flat back), approx 5/8 inch wid...


Capitol Building Charm

Sterling silver Capitol Building Charm with 3D qualities is approximately 1/2 inch tall.