My Charmed Life's Sterling silver charm collection - Gardening Charms

Gardening Charms

Add a Pink Charm Pouch

Make your sterling silver charm even more special tucked into our popular pink Charm Pouch. Th...


Bee Charm

Word in the flower patch is this is the bee's knees of CUTEness! Sterling silver Bee charm with 3D...


Beehive Charm

Sterling silver Beehive charm has two (2) small bees on the hive!  Charm has 3D qualities. App...


Bird Feeder Charm

Sterling Silver Bird Feeder charm with 3D qualities. Approximately 1/2 inch tall.All charms have a ...


Birdhouse Charm - Tall

Sterling silver Birdhouse Charm - Tall with 3D qualities. Approximately 5/8 inch tall.All charms ha...


Birds Nest Charm with Blue Enamel Robins eggs

Sterling silver Birds Nest charm features three (3) blue enamel eggs has 3D qualities and is approx...


Birthstone Drops

Nature's colors are beautifully highlighted on one side of the sterling silver bevel to give an...


Bonsai Tree Charm

Sterling Silver Bonsai Tree Charm with 2D qualities. Approximately 3/4 inch tall.All charms have a ...


Butterfly Charm Round Wings

Sterling Silver Butterfly Charm with Round Wings with 2D qualities (flat back), approx 5/8 inch wid...


Chair Charm - Adirondack

Sterling Silver Adirondack Chair Charm with 3D qualities, approx 7/8 inch long.


Chair Patio Charm

Sterling Silver Patio Chair Charm with 3D qualities, approx 1/2 inch tall.All charms have a complim...


Charm Attachment Service

Been meaning to get those loose charms attached to your bracelet or want a more secure link for som...


Cherries with Stems Charm

Sterling Silver Cherries with Stem Charm with 3D qualities, approx 5/8 inch tall.


Cleaning and Inspection Service

Our cleaning process requires your bracelet to be submerged in a mild jewelry cleanser and utilizes...


Crescent Moon Charm

We love this new sterling silver Crescent Moon charm!  Approximately 1"l with 2D qualities.All...


Dragonfly Charm

Sterling Silver Dragonfly charm with 3D qualities, approx 3/4 inch


Flower Cart Charm

Sterling Silver with 3D qualities. Approximately 7/8 inch tall.Flower Cart


Flower Charm - Hibiscus

Sterling silver charm with 3D qualities. Approximately 1/2 inch wide.Flower - Hibiscus